Voice - the Ideal Identity Solution

  1. Voice ranks #1 when comparing the categories of accuracy, convenience, and cost for biometric authentication technologies.
    Morgan Keegan Research and the International Data Group
  2. Biometrics provide a higher degree of security than traditional PINs and passwords  - Unlike tokens, cards, PINs, and passwords, your voice cannot be shared, stolen, or forgotten.
  3. Voice authentication is also the only completely mobile biometric technology solution offering secure identity confirmation - anytime, anywhere offering the ideal solution for hands-free, mobile environments.
  4. Voice verification technology is convenient. Speaking is the most natural form of communication.  VoiceVantage's™ voice verification lets users pick their own easy-to-remember phrase-based password, such as their name, birth city or state.
  5. Voice verification technology offers a truly non-intrusive and non-invasive identity authentication solution. 
    The International Biometric Group, Morgan Keegan Research, the International Data Group, Federal Computer Week.
  6. Voice verification technology is cost-effective. It is a "software only" solution that eliminates the costly hardware expenses that other biometric solutions require.
  7. Further, THC Technologies Corporation VoiceVantage™ technology is designed for use on multiple platforms, such as telephony devices, internet, physical access systems, handheld devices, and various other enterprise platforms.

VoiceVantage™ Key Technology Differentiators

Language Independent

VoiceVantage™ is ready for global deployment and does NOT require speech recognition to function/verify

Multi-Platform Access for End-users

Our centralized voiceprint database accessible by all platforms; enterprises do not have to "re-create the wheel" each time

Highly Scalable & Robust Solution

VoiceVantage™ delivers a more efficient voiceprint enrollment process, approximatelly 4X throughput advantage over competitive solutions and VoiceVantage™ handles high traffic call volumes (i.e. a minimum of 200+ verifications per second / and approximatelly 20X verification throughput advantage over competitors

Flexibility In Design & Deployment

Our Pricing matrix is flexible to align & accommodate an enterprise’s unique business models and our Technology enables random prompting of questions during sessions and enrollment from multiple devices