THC Technologies Corporation, owner and developer of VoiceVantage™ technology and products is dedicated to helping its customers achieve leading edge voice solutions that allow them to select the technologies and operational components that are right for their environment.

THC Technologies Corporation actively looks to expand and build key strategic partnerships with value-added resellers, systems integrators, platform providers and technology vendors that are interested in delivering THC Technologies Corporation VoiceVantage™ services and products into the marketplace.

THC’s VoiceVantage™ strategic partnerships includes members who specialize in the development and deployment of secure enterprise systems and in the optimization of sensitive business processes. THC’s VoiceVantage™ project teams are experienced in high security process and validation and are able to design and implement validation programs to meet multiple standards and guidelines for both business and government.

Capabilities include:

  • Design, installation and support of custom proprietary IP multi-biometric security applications and custom redundant communications networks.
  • Implementation of Commercial Identity Management Solutions, development and deployment of Network Security and Identity Management solutions incorporating multi-factor Biometric Authentication applications and design of multi-tiered, Redundant Security Infrastructures.

VoiceVantage™ has established important strategic alliances within several industries. Our partners include:

If you believe that your company and your customers would benefit from a partnership with THC Technologies Coporation, please contact us at 855-254-6001 to discuss such opportunities in detail.