VoiceCheck™ SDK Technical Specifications, Features, Benefits and Applications

By creating technology that understands the complexities of the human voice, we have revolutionized the way information resources are accessed, protected, and stored. THC’s VoiceVantage™ VoiceCheck™ technology delivers security and convenience, all by the sound of your voice.

We recognize people rely on convenient ways to stay securely connected to their lives such as; E-Commerce, M-Commerce, Calling Card, Voice Mail, Email, Telephone Banking, Remote Network Access, and Desktop Security. Whether you need to add security to an application, control access to your confidential information, or customize your own products, VoiceCheck™ is the preferred solution.

Features and Benefits

Multi-Layered Security
Voice is an exceptional 2-factor authentication.

Voice has been ranked as the least intrusive biometric technology.

VoiceCheck™ technology works with most existing infrastructures and uses existing communication devices.

Language Independent
VoiceCheck™ captures the voice characteristics necessary for future voiceprint comparison, regardless of the language, gender, or accent of the user.

Multiple Platforms
By using one centralized database of voiceprints for all platforms, you can leverage your investment across many communication channels.

Real-Time Enrollment
The entire enrollment procedure takes less than a minute to complete. Users can securely access your business’ applications immediately.

Low Storage Requirements
For a typical application, which uses an enrollment consisting of multiple renditions of a phrase, the storage requirement is only about 20-30 Kbytes.

Flexible Security Models
VoiceVantage™ software supports "Or," "And," or "Sequential" decision making rules, allowing the application to meet unique security needs. As well, the security threshold can be adjusted and controlled to meet the requirements of enterprise standards and priorities.

Highly Scalable Server Platform
Voice Vantage’s™ software is highly scalable via conventional industry standard relational databases. The technology is currently available in C++ and .NET and Java.

Advanced R&D
VoiceVantage™ is committed to continually advancing voice technology to remain in an industry-leading position. VoiceVantage™ combines the knowledge from dedicated R & D efforts, joint university-based research, and leading speech technologists to create the industry’s most dedicated research program.

VoiceCheck™ Is a Software Development Kit for Every Environment:

The VoiceCheck™ v3.1 SDK provides object-oriented C++, .NET and Java interfaces. It includes 32- bit and 64-bit builds and sample C++, C# and Java source demonstrating how to make use of the various methods in the SDK.

VoiceCheck™ ODBC

The VoiceCheck™ SDK is now available with SQL Database Persistence via a replacement for the Flat-File version of VC_Database.DLL. Please note the following regarding this new option:

  1. VoiceCheck™ ODBC allows storage of all VoiceCheck™ data in a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Currently the following RDBMSs are supported:

    RDBMS Version Windows  Linux  Notes
    Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Linux tested using connection to database instance running
    on windows
    MySQL 8.0.28 Windows tested using connection to database instance
    running on Linux
    Oracle 21c Linux tested using connection to database instance running
    on Windows
    PostgreSQL 12.10 Windows tested using connection to database instance
    running on Windows
  2. VoiceCheck™ ODBC enables scalability by allowing data to be stored in a database of your choice. Tables can coexist with other data in the same application database; or they can be stored in a separate database on the same server, or a different server.
  3. Multi-threaded/multi-process support is enabled in VoiceCheck™ ODBC.
  4. The VC_Database and VC_DatabaseUser classes have the same interface for VoiceCheck™ ODBC as for the Flat-File storage option.
  5. Minimal changes are required in order to provide a database user ID and database user password to the VC_Database instance constructor. Also, instead of supplying a path name as the database name of the VC_Database instance constructor, a ODBC DSN should be used.
  6. VoiceCheck™ tables are automatically created in the database instance given in the VC_Database instance constructor

VoiceCheck™ for Telephony
Your company's call center costs are out of control. By the looks of it, customer service representatives spend almost all of their time simply verifying a caller's identity. If only you could come up with an innovative and easy way to expedite caller identification and increase agent productivity and reduce costs. You can with VoiceCheck™ Telephony. You can improve security and reduce costs by integrating VoiceCheck™ Telephony into your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Just think - your callers can then bank-by-phone or access confidential information simply by saying their name. No more lengthy verification questions. Password reset for network logon and applications will never soak up call center time again. Callers can say their name and a new password is issued. VoiceCheck™ Telephony provides you with peace of mind and lowered call center costs.

VoiceCheck™ for Web
Your customer wants to buy shares via your online trading website. But they can’t remember their password. If only they could log on quickly and easily. They can - with VoiceCheck™ Web. Whether its Intranet or Internet, VoiceVantage™ VoiceCheck™ Web technology ensures trusted relationships with your customer base. Not only does it protect unauthorized access to online content, but it also decreases the amount of fraudulent e-commerce transactions, by simply attaching a user’s voiceprint to their credit card making online transactions safe.

VoiceCheck™ for Enterprise
You have 100 employees on the network. Four of them are working with extremely confidential client information. No one else should have access to it. If only you could be sure it was secure. You can with VoiceCheck™ Enterprise. Secure any program or file from unwanted access with VoiceVantage™ speaker authentication technology. Whether operating from within the office or remotely, VoiceCheck™ ensures that the information you want kept confidential stays that way. Whether it’s a wireless device, a portable laptop, desktop PC, or the entire network, VoiceCheck™ is there to protect.

Enhance security and convenience for:

  • E-commerce transactions
  • Internet / Intranet content access
  • Internet/Telephony Applications
  • IVR or switch-based computer/ telephony platforms
  • Call centers
  • Voice portals
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Remote and Internal Network Access
  • PC Logon
  • File and Application Access

VoiceCheck™ Specifications

Phrase Length and Speech Print Size:
1-2 seconds

Verification Data/Time:
1 phrase, 2000+ verifications per second on Intel Core i7-7500U @ 2.70GHz
(based on simultaneous use).

Sample Types:
16-bit signed and unsigned linear
8-bit signed and unsigned linear
8-bit mu-law and a-law

Sample Rate:
8, 11.025 or 16 KHz

Direct C++ API calls (Windows, Linux), .NET (Windows), Java (Windows, Linux), Objective C (iOS), Swift (iOS)

Database Access:
ODBC: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or higher.

Supported Languages:
C++, C#, Java, Objective C, Swift

Sample Code:
Demo applications in all supported languages are provided as usage examples to streamline integration

Supported Development Environments:
Microsoft Visual Studio 2017, GNU G++ 9.3.0 (Linux), Eclipse, Xcode release 12.3, Android SDK version 10.0 (Q) API Level 29 Revision 5, Android Studio release 4.1

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows: Intel i5 or equivalent or higher, 2GB RAM, standard, microphone and sound card Windows 7 or Higher
  • Linux: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Android: Lollipop 5.0.2
  • iOS: 14.1 or higher Minimum System Requirements:
  • Windows: Intel i5 or equivalent or higher, 2GB RAM, standard, microphone, and sound card Windows 7 or Higher
  • Linux: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Android: Lollipop 5.0.2
  • macOS: OS X Yosemite