SpeakNSet™ Password Reset Technical Specifications, Benefits and Applications

Is Your Call Center Overwhelmed with requests for New Passwords? Are your customer service representatives spending more time resetting passwords than attending to more important tasks, are operational costs of helpdesks skyrocketing? Are customers and employees are suffering lengthy wait times?

Password management requests consume approximately 30% of all calls to enterprise helpdesks according to Gartner Group. According to industry analysts Gartner Group resetting passwords for users calling into enterprise helpdesks are estimated to be between US $100-$300 per year, per person.

Organizations no longer have to clog their Help Desk lines when passwords are lost or forgotten, nor do users have to go through lengthy identification processes just to get another password issued. THC Technologies CorpÔÇÖs VoiceVantage™ technologies deliver automated self-service, voice identity confirmation with SpeakNSet™ Password Reset.

SpeakNSet™ Password Reset is not only convenient and hassle-free; it significantly reduces call center costs and enables enterprises to leverage its investments in existing technologies.

How It Works

User Enrollment

  • First-time users are prompted to state a unique identifier such as their name or Employee ID number
  • Integrated speech recognition can access the claimed user profile database and prompt the user to respond to a series of automated questions such as; date of birth, SS# or motherÔÇÖs maiden name
  • Following successful ÔÇ£at bestÔÇÖ verification, the user is permitted access to the voiceprint enrollment process

Voiceprint Authentication

  • The user will be prompted to provide a voice sampling by responding to audio prompts
  • Users will confirm successful enrollment via biometric verification utilizing the voiceprint authentication technology

Temporary Password Is Created

  • The SpeakNSet™ module creates a temporary password based upon the parameters configured by the backend system
  • The temporary password is posted to the backend system

Temporary Password Is Issued

  • The new password is then recited to the user

By creating technology that understands the complexities of the human voice, we have revolutionized the way information resources are accessed, protected, and stored.

SpeakNSet™ Features and Benefits

  • Increases agent productivity and reduces end user time
  • ROI cost savings are typically realized in less than one year
  • Self-service password reset management is available to end-users 24x7
  • Enhances security using biometric voiceprint authentication technology
  • THC Technology CorpÔÇÖs VoiceVantage™ technology provides proprietary, robust, "best of breed" voice authentication solutions
  • User-friendly technology offers faster and easier functionality
  • The improved customer experience increases customer loyalty
  • SpeakNSet™ easily integrates with all speech recognition technologies
  • Highly scalable software capable of managing a virtually unlimited number of users
  • Open standards architecture design easily deploys into a variety of environments
  • Flexible security model enables truly customizable applications to meet unique enterprise security requirements
  • SpeakNSet™ seamlessly integrates with helpdesks and IVR handling ticket items and with other VoiceCheck™ Telephony applications

SpeakNSet™ System Requirements

SpeakNSet™ Server: Operates with a variety of CTI platforms including Dialogic Speech Servers D/41E-SC; D/41E-PCO; D/42-NE2; D/240SC-TI; D/240PCI-TI

Target Systems: Windows NT/2000 or higher

Database Support: Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or higher

Touch Tone or Speech Recognition: Touch- tone support provided by VoiceVantage™ Speech recognition is available through preferred providers

Minimal System Requirements: Pentium III, 1GHz processor or equivalent,256MB RAM, 512 recommended, standard microphone and sound card, Windows 2000 SP2 or higher, Windows NT 4.0 SPC6 or higher

Verification Data/Time:
1 phrase, 2000+ verifications per second on Intel Core i7-7500U @ 2.70GHz
(based on simultaneous use).


Phrase Length and Speech Print Size:
1-2 seconds

Verification Data/Time:
1 phrase, 2000+ verifications per second on Intel Core i7-7500U @ 2.70GHz
(based on simultaneous use).

Sample Types:
16-bit signed and unsigned linear
8-bit signed and unsigned linear
8-bit mu-law and a-law

Sample Rate:
8, 11.025 or 16 KHz

Direct C++ API calls, .NET

Database Access:
ODBC: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or higher.

Supported Languages:
C++, C#, Visual Basic .NET

Sample Code:
C++ demo application is provided as usage examples to streamline integration

Supported Development Environments:
MS Visual Studio 2017

Minimum System Requirements:
Intel i3 or equivalent or higher, 2GB RAM, standard, microphone and sound card Windows 7 or Higher