World’s Leading International Financial Clearing Institution Again Choses VoiceVantage™


Boston, Massachusetts. (November 7, 2020) THC Technologies Corp a private corporation engaged in the global biometric solutions market, today announced it has experienced a further validation of its VoiceVantage™ voice verification software within the international financial services market.

THC CEO Frances Lynch said, “Our client deploys industry-leading solutions that help regulate and shape the future growth and development of the global financial marketplace. Our technologies secure the core functions of their global trading activities. This institution is a valued client and we’re delighted they will continue to deploy our technology in fulfilling their regulatory obligations. THC provides the proprietary voice verification solution our Partners deploy to protect client software applications in a range of security market verticals including the international financial services sector."

Eric Petra, THC’s VP of Business Development concurred saying, "This client’s long-term adoption of our technology allows them to provide a secure, integrated and efficient voice verification security solution that lowers operational risks associated with today’s banking processes; our voice biometrics software solution is critical to achieving a fully secure financial processing experience. THC and its Partners market voice activated solutions that advance client’s cyber security capabilities, increasing client satisfaction and enhancing organizational resilience.”