New VoiceVantage™ 64bit voice verification SDK released by THC Technologies Corp


THC Technologies Corporation Announces VoiceCheck™ 64-bit SDKBoston, Massachusetts. (March 21,2018) - Frances M. Lynch, CEO of THC Technologies Corporation (THC), a private corporation engaged in the global biometrics solutions market, today announced an expansion of its VoiceVantage™ product offerings to include THC VoiceCheck™ 64-bit SDK.

CEO Frances Lynch said, “The THC VoiceCheck™ 64-bit SDK is designed for and marketed to THC OEM and VAR clients addressing their storage and processing speed objectives. THC is an innovative company whose development expertise and proprietary technology sustain its leadership position in the voice verification biometrics market.”

Tom Wilkerson, Vice President of Marketing, added: "Our company strengths include our range of products, sales and technical support teams and our strategic engineering partners; together we have considerable experience working with the most innovative information security interface technologies."

All VoiceVantage™ products provide the following features and benefits:

Multi-Layered Security: VoiceCheck™ technology provides two-factor authentication – something they are and something they know.

Convenient: Voice has consistently been ranked as the least intrusive and least intimidating biometric technology.

Cost-Effective: VoiceCheck™ technology integrates with most existing infrastructures and uses existing communication devices.

Language Independent: VoiceCheck™ captures the voice characteristics necessary for future voiceprint comparison, regardless of the language, gender, or accent of the user.

Multiple Platforms: By using one centralized database of voiceprints for all platforms, enterprises can leverage their investment across many communication channels, such as web and telephony.

Real-Time Enrollment: The entire enrollment procedure takes less than one minute to complete. Users can then securely gain immediate access to an enterprise’s business applications.

Low Storage Requirements: The typical user enrollment process consists of multiple renditions of a voiceprint; and the resulting storage requirement is no more than approx. 20-30 Kbytes per user.

Flexible Security Models: VoiceCheck™ technology offers adjustable security threshold settings that can be controlled and modified by an enterprise to align with the enterprise’s own security standards.

Highly Scalable Server Platform: The VoiceVantage™ software is highly scalable via conventional industry standard relational databases. VoiceCheck™ is compatible with ODBC compliant databases.

About THC Technologies Corporation

THC is a privately held company with significant experience in business development, IT implementation and support of technology companies. THC's VoiceVantage™ technology is recognized as a leader in voice authentication software and products that capture and analyze human voiceprints for identification purposes, security, fraud prevention and numerous other applications.

In comparison to other biometrics industry offerings, THC's VoiceVantage™ products are noninvasive, language independent, and are designed to operate with conventional telephone equipment and computer microphones, thus eliminating the need for specialized devices and additional hardware.

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