Financial Transactions

Attracting, retaining and servicing financial customers in today's marketplace means anticipating customer needs and daily requirements, as well as supporting customers 24x7 across multiple communication platforms. Customers today demand access to the same financial services on their mobile devices that they can get on the Web -- all within a secure, synchronized and real-time environment.

THC Technologies Corporation's VoiceVantage authentication platform offers open architecture technology that allows enterprises to fully deploy voice applications that leverage existing telephony and internet-based applications.  Enterprises can now deliver to its customers multiple access points such as telephone banking or online access via a central voice authentication process from customers can securely conduct their business inquiries and transactions. 



Enterprise Challenges/Goals

Lower Transaction Costs

Automate routine remote inquiries

Provide 24x7 self-service transactions

Offer e-business services to mobile customers

Leverage existing infrastructure

VoiceVantage Solutions

Retail Banking

Utilize self-service access for account balance inquiries, funds transfers, exchange and loan rates.

Improve productivity by automating transactions such as  credit card and registered bill payments.

 Increase Customer Loyalty

Reduce occurrences of Identity Theft

Decrease customer wait times during automated inquiries & transactions

Deliver secure,  easy to use services for "Anytime, Anywhere" access via multiple access points 

Offer 24x7 business services


Investment/ Brokerage

Use voice to turn stock quote interactions into transactions.

Use voice to offer 24x7 self-service.

Use voice to automate routine inquiries.


Use voice to turn interactions into transactions.

Use voice to automate routine inquiries.

Use voice to offer self-service access to claim status, premium payment and agent locations.

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