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March 13, 2019 -- World’s Premier International Financial Services Institution Renews VoiceVantage for the Eleventh Straight Year (learn more...)

October 9, 2018 -- Leading Telecom Selects VoiceVantage™ Biometrics Solution (learn more...)

July 2, 2018 -- Leading Analyst PMR Projects the Face Voice Biometrics Market to Exceed 24 Billion dollars (US) in 2026 (learn more...)

March 20, 2018 -- THC Technologies Corporation Announces VoiceCheck™ 64-bit SDK (learn more...)

October 20, 2017 -- THC Releases Current & Projected Global Market for Voice/Speech Recognition Technology Survey (learn more...)

March 30, 2017 -- One of the World's Top Four International Financial Services Institutions Chooses VoiceVantage™ (learn more...)

September 7, 2016 -- THC Announces Year over Year Sales Growth in the Fortune 500 and International Corrections Markets (learn more...)

November 14, 2015 -- The World's Premier International Financial Services Institution Increases its VoiceVantage™ Enrollment by Forty-six Percent (learn more...)

June 12, 2015 -- Leading Canadian Telecom increases original order of VoiceVantage™ software for Correction Facility Inmate Call Verification tenfold (learn more...)

December 9, 2014 -- Global Industry Analysts: Voice Technologies Market to exceed $30 billion by 2020 (learn more...)

August 7, 2014 -- THC Technologies Corp's VoiceVantage™ Biometrics Receives 2014 Best of Blacksburg Award (learn more...)

June 1, 2014 -- THC Technologies Corp Announces Release of a latest generation ODBC Connector for its VoiceVantage™ Platform (learn more...)

November 19, 2013 -- THC Announces Year over Year Sales Growth in the International Corrections Markets (learn more...)

April 3, 2013 -- Leading Canadian Telecom Selects VoiceVantage™ for Correction Facility Inmate Call Verification (learn more...)

March 3, 2012 -- Two of the World’s Leading Multinational Financial Institutions Complete VoiceVantage Enrollment (learn more...)

September 15, 2011  -- THC Technologies Corporation Proudly Announces Fall Release of Two New Products: VoiceCheck Mobil™ SDK and ScreenSaver Secure™ (learn more...)

July 28, 2010  -- THC Technologies Corporation Announces New SaaS product, THC VoiceCheck™ .NET SDK (learn more...)

It is an exciting time in the expanding biometrics industry and more specifically, within the voice applications market. Organizations are demanding more secure and more efficient solutions to resolve security and identity concerns and fulfill the demands of their customers seeking such protection and   

With consumer's increased awareness and accelerated demand for secure identity confirmation and verification methods, the media has been providing more and better coverage while industries tradeshows and events now include information on multiple biometrics industry applications.  

Several publications on biometrics and voice verification solutions and market trends are available on this site to assist organizations in their consideration of the voice verification biometrics market.


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