Why Voice is the Ideal Choice for Confirming a User's Identity 



1. Voice ranks #1 when comparing the categories of accuracy, convenience, and cost for biometric authentication technologies.
Morgan Keegan Research and the International Data Group


2. Biometrics provide a higher degree of security than traditional PINs and passwords  - Unlike tokens, cards, PINs, and passwords, your voice cannot be shared, stolen, or forgotten.


3. Voice authentication is also the only completely mobile biometric technology solution offering secure identity confirmation - anytime, anywhere offering the ideal solution for hands-free, mobile environments.


4. Voice verification technology is convenient.  Speaking is the most natural form of communicationVoiceVantage's voice verification lets users pick their own easy-to-remember phrase-based password, such as their name, birth city or state.


5.Voice verification technology offers a truly non-intrusive and non-invasive identity authentication solution.  

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6. Voice verification technology is cost-effective.  It is a “software only” solution that eliminates the costly hardware expenses that other biometric solutions require.

7. Further, THC Technologies Corporation VoiceVantage technology is designed for use on multiple platforms, such as telephony devices, internet, physical access systems, handheld devices, and various other enterprise platforms.


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